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10 Ways Hotel Technology Can Delight Bleisure Travelers

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Over the past several years, especially post-pandemic, more and more professionals have begun to blend business trips with leisure activities. According to a survey by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), 9 out of 10 business travelers expressed interest in adding a leisure component to their trips. A report by Allied Market Research estimates the global bleisure travel industry at $315.3 billion in 2022 and predicts it will hit $731.4 billion by 2032.

Such “bleisure” travel has presented both opportunities and challenges for hotels seeking to enhance the guest experience. How can properties capitalize on bleisure trends while providing a great experience? Here, we describe ten ways hotels can incorporate technology to surprise and delight bleisure travelers for a competitive advantage.

1. Mobile check-in/check-out

It’s crucial to keep in mind that bleisure guests are trying to make the most of their time during their stay. Mobile check-in/check-out can help by removing the need to make an extra stop at the front desk and wait in a queue. Mobile-friendly websites and even dedicated hotel apps can make this a simple and seamless process. Bonus: Integrating hotel apps with digital room key systems can further streamline the process.

2. Contactless payment options

Similarly, contactless payment options can speed up transactions by eliminating the need for physical interaction with payment terminals. This reduces friction and meets guests’ increasing preference for touch-free experiences. Again, hotel apps and mobile-friendly websites can be helpful here, as can NFC-enabled interfaces that enable secure transactions via smartphone, smartwatch, or contactless payment card.

3. Fast, reliable connectivity

Bleisure travelers rely on high-speed WiFi for both work and play, including videoconferencing and streaming. Hotels must provide fast, reliable connectivity with no added cost to ensure a great guest experience. WiFi should perform well everywhere in your property to support guests wherever they choose to connect. Also, hoteliers need to ensure that they’re offering enough bandwidth to support fast, reliable connections for all guests, even when they’re using demanding applications.

4. Smart room controls

Travelers of all kinds are increasingly seeking the ability to personalize their room environment, including temperature and lighting. Bleisure travelers, in particular, may appreciate the ability to customize their rooms for productivity or relaxation as needed. Smart room controls using Internet of Things (IoT) technology (and perhaps integrated with hotel apps and your PMS) allow guests to adjust their own settings easily using their smartphones.

5. Health and wellness amenities

Health and wellness amenities play a vital role in supporting the well-being of bleisure travelers. There are many opportunities to use technology to enhance this aspect of your hotel’s offerings. For example, hotels can partner with wellness apps to provide exclusive content for guests or even to offer virtual fitness classes. Room automation systems can offer settings to regulate lighting and temperature for optimal sleep quality. In-room digital dining menus can include information to support a variety of dietary preferences, such as vegan or keto. Hotels can even offer upgraded rooms with smart mirrors or other connected fitness devices for interactive workouts with real-time feedback and coaching.

person using smart mirror for exercise as an example of bleisure technology

6. Digital concierge

Another way to delight bleisure guests is to offer digital concierge services. These services can not only respond to guest requests but can also use AI and machine learning to offer quick recommendations and assistance. A digital concierge can personalize their recommendations by adding data from your PMS, including historical preferences and real-time information. This can be especially helpful for frequent bleisure travelers, who often have established patterns and preferences across stays.

7. Chatbots & robots

Similarly, hotels can incorporate AI and machine learning into chatbot functions that can quickly respond to requests. Chatbots can provide 24/7 support via hotel apps, messaging platforms, and voice interfaces. They can offer quick troubleshooting for common issues and respond to room service requests. Bonus: Hotels can also implement robots to respond to simple requests, such as for room service. This can provide an additional opportunity to surprise and delight bleisure guests while relieving burdens from overworked staff.

8. Personalized loyalty programs

Personalization can foster guest engagement and loyalty, and that’s certainly important for frequent bleisure travelers. By leveraging data analytics and predictive modeling, hotels can offer targeted rewards, upgrades, and incentives based on their previous patterns and habits. Loyalty programs can also offer personalized room preferences, such as extra pillows or preferred room locations. Such exclusive perks can enhance the perceived value of loyalty programs for bleisure travelers, creating a benefit for both the guest and the hotel.

9. Flexible workspaces in rooms

Bleisure travelers are not one-size-fits-all. To serve them better, it’s best to provide rooms that guests can use and configure in different ways for different tasks. For example, convertible desks or fold-out work surfaces with adjustable lighting support the transition between work and play, maximizing the efficient use of space without compromising comfort. It’s also important to consider the different technologies that bleisure travelers may use during their stay – laptops, smartphones, streaming devices, and more. To support all these devices, you’ll need to ensure great WiFi within all guest rooms and offer ample power outlets throughout each room.

10. Improved meeting and conference facilities

Hotels equipped with modern meeting and conference facilities cater to the business needs of bleisure travelers. While it’s still important to include basic audiovisual equipment, it’s also crucial to maintain great connectivity in these spaces, and on-site technical support is a plus. Flexible room configurations can be helpful here as well. A hotel offering comprehensive event planning services can improve convenience for bleisure travelers who need to host professional gatherings.

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