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WorldVue can integrate with most Property Management Systems, and it’s now even easier to connect your guests with WiFi and other services at your property. Here are some of the great PMS Vendor Partners we are currently working with.

WiFi PMS Integration

  • Easier Logins
    • Improve Efficiency – guests can log into your hotel’s WiFi using their last name and room number (as many competitor brands offer)
    • Control Access – Only your guests can use your network, improving the guest experience and the management of costly bandwidth
    • Minimize staff intervention for escalations
  • Authentication Tiering
    • Reward guest loyalty with additional bandwidth
    • Introduce paid tiers for increased revenue
  • Restaurant/Bar
    • Integrate your WiFi with your restaurant or bar POS
  • Reseller Partners – Become a Reseller

Visionaries Welcome

We appreciate opportunities to work with our partners to develop the perfect technical solution for unique properties. Relationships are at the core of the WorldVue business model.

WorldVue is the relentless Visionary of Reliable, Flexible, and Customizable Entertainment Technology to Exceed Future Needs.

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