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We Make it Easy for Senior Living Residents and Staff

Many Services - One Solution

We are a top-tier, full-service company providing solutions for senior living – Service is our top priority!

We Envision...

A greatly changed connected service environment over the next 3-5 years driven by:

Imagine a World Where it's Seamless

Meet Your Hopper Duo™

Dish Hopper device and example of Dish portal on TV

Simplified TV for Older Adults

CAAVO device, remote, and welcome screen on TV
  • Typical TV Experience
    • Difficult to Navigate
    • Hard-to-see
    • Unpredictable UI Layout
    • Cluttered Remote with Tiny Buttons
  • Caavo Experience
    • Simple & Uncluttered UI
    • Voice Remote
    • Features Prioritized for Older Adults
    • Flexible, but Predictable

For Seniors

  • All-in-One Voice Remote
  • TV Favorites
  • Weather Shortcut
  • Video Calling
  • Photo Sharing & Chat

For Family

  • Family Managed Care Checks
  • Remote TV Support
  • Reminders
  • Video Calling with AutoConnect
  • Photo Sharing & Chat
  • TV Status

For Staff

  • Resident Dashboard
  • Video Calling with AutoConnect
  • Remote TV Support
  • In-Room Digital Signage
  • Push Communication
  • Non-Emergency Assistance Request
  • Care Checks & Reminders

Senior Living Professional Services

Team of technology engineers, systems designers, and project managers dedicated to serving your property:

  • New construction – engineers, system designers, installation of connected systems
  • Specialized technical project managers
  • Secure Networks and Applications
  • 24/7/365 IT Support Coverage and Remote Monitoring
  • Single source for a wide range of technology products
  • Global coverage to leverage the greatest economy of scale
  • ONE point of contact for installation, service and support worldwide

Resident Management System Partners

WorldVue® can integrate with any Resident Management System. If there is an RMS we do not currently integrate with, WorldVue® will write the code to ensure a seamless integration.

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Beyond Typical Alexa

Your secure community concierge.

Unlike an off-the-shelf Alexa device, ours are deployed in a secure, closed network using Serenity’s software. This gives you control of the content on the devices, and provides your residents with greater independence, social engagements, and connectedness.

Phone and video calls can only be made via private approved address books. And no drop-ins!

  • Receive community announcements and updates
  • Ask Alexa:
    • “What’s for dinner?”
    • “What are Sunday’s activities?”
    • “Call my daughter.”
    • “Play country music.”
    • “Set timer for 20 minutes.”
  • Set reminders for activities, medications, and more
  • Make and receive secure video calls with family, friends, and staff
  • Messages from approved providers
  • Telehealth visits
example of Serenity Engage interface on tablet, with instructions and support contact info beside it in a document stand

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