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Looking for Hospitality WiFi support? You’ve come to the right place! Hospitality WiFi is now part of WorldVue.

Advantages of WorldVue Service and Support

No Wait Time

Live Ticket Status & Updates

Place Equipment Orders

Expedite Issue Diagnosis With Visual Aids

View Knowledge Articles and Troubleshoot Equipment

What Sets Us Apart

Our multi-tiered, multi-lingual global technical support team is readily available 24/7/365.

We believe it is important to maintain a team of knowledgeable, responsive, experienced support professionals to help you and your guests have the best possible experience. With our global presence, we understand how important it is to have help nearby when you need it, so we have established local service and support offices in various locations international.

Our Houston-based Service Center is the centralized location where our Customer Care Specialists provide customers with remote technical support and troubleshooting solutions.

We offer native Spanish-language support.

Expedited services the Service Center can help with:

  • Submitting Equipment Orders
  • Providing Proposals
  • Processing Configuration Requests
  • Dispatching Field Technicians
  • Answering Complex Technical Questions
  • Remotely Monitoring Equipment



Service Transformation

  • Service Portal – This one-stop-shot is a place where you can access everything you need to interact with WorldVue
  • Case Creation and Updates – Easily open a new case with our Service Center and see real-time updates so you always know the status of your issue
  • Knowledge Base – Curated content intended to provide manuals, self-guided troubleshooting and other technical resources at your fingertips
  • Visual Aid – Easily upload pictures or videos to your Case to expedite issue diagnosis and resolution
  • Equipment Orders – Submit requests for new or replacement equipment, like set-top-boxes and remotes

WiFi Network Maintenance and Service

  • Monitor the ongoing health of your network
  • Watch for down equipment so we can fix issues quickly
  • Perform network optimization so your guest network can function at its best

Other Items We Address Include

  • Basic WiFi Card Driver Support
  • SSID Configuration
  • Login Difficulties
  • Gaming Device Bypass
  • Location-Specific Coverage Issues
  • VPN Support
  • Password Changes
  • Save & Roaming Questions
  • Billing Statement Questions & Credit Card Issues

In addition, we provide you with a login to a customized cloud-based Dashboard (aka Control Panel), where you can view your entire network at a glance:

Service Technicians

  • WorldVue provides reliable platinum technicians 
  • WorldVue has access and a sustainable partnership with over 5,000 Best Buy Business and Geek Squad agents to provide properties with a seamless installation
  • WorldVue provides a group of platinum level installers to the elite group

Technology Engineers and Architects

  • Our team of technology engineers, system designers, and project managers are dedicated to your property from development to ongoing service and support
  • You can expect hands-on project management of technology implementation and a centralized point of contact for all property needs. WorldVue works with you from development to ongoing support.

Site Surveys

We perform a site survey, which typically includes the following steps:

    1. Property walk-through
    2. Identification of building layout and construction
    3. Identification of potential difficulties for installation
    4. Location of potential difficulties for installation
    5. Survey of the property for proper signal coverage
    6. Create design layout (upon signed agreement)

Installation and Maintenance

We provide professional installation at your location by certified network installation technicians. Below are some of the things to consider before proceeding with your new wireless network installation.

  • Installation Time – Typically 2-4 days, depending on the size of the network
  • Types of Installers – Employees and Local Business Partners
  • Experience – Our installers have performed hundreds of installations

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