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Our digital infrastructure team deploys solutions with a 20+ year useful life with a wired infrastructure consisting of fiber and CAT6 cabling.

Digital infrastructure refers to the technology that provides the foundation for connected operations by offering the means of data transfer (often of large amounts of data continuously) to support solutions that use that data. It is the backbone of the technology ecosystem, playing a vital role in almost every part of a property’s operations

  • From early stages of design and planning to low voltage cabling install, our team of experts works with you every step of the way. Whether it’s an existing property or new construction, our team reviews your cabling specifics and electrical blueprints to fully design a custom wiring solution for you.
  • Our mission is to deliver a network infrastructure that can easily scale for higher bandwidth demand of Guest WiFi, VoIP, Guestroom Entertainment, Guest Streaming Devices, and other Over the Top Services.

Product Diversity

WorldVue® has a multitude of low voltage cabling products at its disposal which allows us to approach each project with flexibility. The ability to utilize fiber, copper, or coax allows us to tailer each design to deliver superior performance cost-effectively.

  • Fiber offers high bandwidth, fast speeds, & low latency of communications. Fiber tends to have a longer service life (typically 20-40 years or more), is easier to scale than other options, & is also safer due to its inability to generate sparks. Fiber tends to be less “lossy” over distance & less subject to interference from electrical noise in the surrounding environment.
  • Copper cabling such as CAT6/6A Ethernet is typically less expensive than fiber in terms of material costs, but it tends to need replacement more quickly (potentially every few years). It also has lower capacity than fiber but is generally faster than other cabling or wireless options.
  • Although coaxial cable typically does not have the speed or capacity required of a modern digital infrastructure, multiplexer technology can be used to deliver gigabit bandwidth over an existing coaxial cabling infrastructure, typically for specific purposes such as in-room entertainment.
  • Wireless backhaul solutions are easier and potentially less costly & disruptive to install than wired solutions, as installers need not open up large swaths of floor, walls, and ceilings or do any digging to install the necessary equipment.

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