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WorldVue provides your business with the latest equipment, monitors and manages your network, and delivers 24/7/365 technical support. There’s no more need for business owners and general managers to worry about usage, security, or network issues – our team of experts can take care of that for you.


  • 24/7/365 Cloud Managed WiFi
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard – monitor and manage your network
  • High-Density Access Points – enterprise grade equipment
  • Global Coverage
  • Centralized Authentication – repeat guests sign in once
  • Custom Splash Page – personalize your property’s login page
  • Bandwidth Management – implement bandwidth usage policies
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Radius Gateway

WorldVue’s RG-901 enhances guest WiFi security while increasing guest satisfaction and simplifying bandwidth management.


Full-featured gateway that was designed to support the largest venues and full-service properties, packaged at the right price point.


Our Hotspot, Firewall, VLAN & VPN functionality provide additional security features compared with many gateway products on the market.


Constructed using established hardware technologies tailored to meet the demands of all valued clients.

The RG-901 boasts approval from leading hotel brands and serves as an excellent solution for hospitality markets with a demand for accommodating up to 5,000 concurrent users on their guest network.

WiFi Control Panel

The Cloud-Based Dashboard provides a real-time view of your guest network. Your hotel Dashboard will help you manage and monitor your guest Internet access, including how many guests are on your network and how they’re using it.

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  • Easy way to view the current health and usage of your network
  • Helps you manage your guests’ Internet access, including how much bandwidth guests are using at your property and how they’re using it
  • View network and equipment status, support data, and usage data all in one place
  • Can be viewed from anywhere you can connect to the Internet

Feature Highlights

  • Made for the hospitality industry
  • View equipment status, support data, and usage patterns
  • Manage pay plans, bandwidth, support calls, and other aspects
  • Receive notifications of equipment outages to enable proactive resolution
  • Offers multiple user logins/tiers for admins and managers
  • Compatible with the latest technology, including many popular gateways and access points
  • Ability to brand portal
  • Custom reporting options for greater flexibility

Cloud-Based Dashboard

View your entire network at a glance

  • Gain information about how many guests are using your network
  • Discover patterns of usage across time
  • See how your guests are using bandwidth to help you determine when network upgrades are needed
  • View support data
  • Run customized reports

Centralized WiFi Authentication, aka "Remember Me"

With Centralized WiFi Authentication, the first time a guest logs onto a WorldVue-managed network with a device, they will have the option to check “Remember Me” to save the device to our database. After that, the next time that device is seen on ANY of our networks – even in a different location – that device will be recognized and automatically authenticated, making it easier for your guest to join the network.

Benefits of "Remember Me"

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Centralized WiFi Authentication Also Offers Possibilities for Personalizing the Guest Experience

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The Industry's Most Secure Way to Connect

Hotspot 2.0, also known as Passport, is a new standard that enables secure and automatic WiFi connection across multiple networks. With Hotspot 2.0, you can:

  • Connect to an encrypted Passpoint SSID for enhanced WiFi security
  • Have a unique encryption key for each user and device
  • Access the internet seamlessly at future stays without logging in again
  • Roam across other properties that are configured with Passpoint

Why Choose Hotspot 2.0?

Hotspot 2.0 is the future of WiFi because it offers a faster, safer and more convenient way to stay connected online. With Hotspot 2.0, you can:

  • Save time and hassle by avoiding tedious login screens and passwords
  • Protect your privacy and data by using encrypted WiFi connections
  • Enjoy consistent and reliable WiFi performance across WorldVue properties
  • Access exclusive offers and promotions from WorldVue partners

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PMS Integration

Enhance your hotel’s bottom line with improved efficiencies and opportunities.

  • Easier Logins
    • Improve Efficiency – guests can log in using their last name and room number
    • Control Access – Only your guests can use your network, improving the guest experience and the management of bandwidth
    • Minimize Staff Escalations
  • Authentication Tiering
    • Reward guest loyalty with additional bandwidth
    • Introduce paid tiers for increased revenue
  • Restaurant/Bar
    • Integrate your WiFi with your bar or restaurant POS

3 Steps to Brand Certification

  1. We’ll help you move your WiFi to our service and we’ll provide you with our unmatched 24/7/365 guest support. Not only will this help you meet minimum standards, it will also improve your guest experience while giving us a better picture of your current WiFi (From usage to potential problem spots).
  2. We’ll validate your current WiFi installation to determine what upgrades you may need to meet brand standards and create a plan to bring the guest WiFi experience to the next level.
  3. We’ll validate your current Internet Service Provider to determine whether your connection meets brand standards.

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