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What to Expect in 2030: The Future of Hotels

What does the future hold for hotels? The influx of guest-centric technology empowers hoteliers to provide superior customer service. WorldVue HUB™ handles the behind-the-scenes tasks and gives hotel staff the time to make meaningful connections with customers.

Hotel front desk customer service agents assist customers.
The future of hotels will emphasize guest experience through thoughtful interactions and meaningful connections.

The Resurgence of Guest-Centric Interaction

The key to personalization is creating a memorable experience. Today, the hospitality industry can provide thoughtful, meaningful connections with guests instead of simply following a tired, mundane script. Through thoughtful technology solutions like curated in-room playlists and personalized welcome messaging, hoteliers can impact customers more than ever before. Superior customer service isn’t just the formal greetings when a guest enters the hotel; it involves going above and beyond to make an impact on a guest’s stay. The future of hotels will continue to focus on the guest and empowering their journey.

The Importance of Human Connection

Today, it is essential to go beyond the norm to create meaningful connections and memorable experiences. With the WorldVue HUB™, hotel management can create customized welcome messaging and design advertising solutions catered to individual guests. The HUB™ platform empowers management to connect with guests and go above and beyond to personalize their experiences. The future of hotels includes more guest-centric, low-touch interactions.

woman tidying hotel room bed
Applications like the WorldVue HUB™ Housekeeping App will continue to empower hotel staff in the future by eliminating mundane tasks like manual status reports.

Time-Saving Solutions are the Future of Hotels

WorldVue is committed to providing time-saving solutions for hotels. Through updated technology, hotels can provide exceptional service in addition to clean, sanitized surroundings. When technology takes care of the mundane details, hoteliers can focus their energy where it matters: The Guest. The WorldVue HUB™ Housekeeping App saves the hotel team time by providing quick, easy-to-read statistics and time-sensitive updates for each room.

Hotelier uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology as a guest key.

Customer Service Makes Humans Irreplaceable

While it is crucial to implement convenient solutions for guests like mobile keys and timely alerts, at WorldVue, we also believe the human aspect of customer service is irreplaceable. Hospitality has always centered around warmth and personal contact; it is impossible to imitate robot interaction seamlessly. Today’s hotels need to focus on the quality of interaction rather than the quantity. Time-saving solutions are vital to providing exceptional service to guests. When hospitality professionals can save time performing mundane tasks, they can interact more thoughtfully with guests. Furthermore, they have more time to provide exceptional experiences.

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