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WorldVue and ServiceNow: Transforming the Customer Experience

In hospitality and residential markets, properties must simplify management and reduce costs to remain competitive. However, to avoid losing revenue, these actions must not come at the expense of the customer experience. Providing a great experience is crucial to maintaining high ratings and customer loyalty, which significantly impact your bottom line.

Of course, it’s always desirable to offer a totally frictionless and problem-free experience. But in the real world, problems arise, and customers sometimes encounter difficulties. A customer’s perception of their experience is affected not only by positive encounters but also by the problems they have during their stay.

Therefore, a big part of the customer experience relies on how staff and management solve those problems. Whether the customer needs to expend a lot of effort to achieve resolution also affects their experience. The faster and easier it is to resolve issues, the more likely the customer will remain satisfied; in fact, a positive problem-resolution experience may even increase customer ratings and loyalty.

Often, it can be challenging for properties to address problems quickly and efficiently because of a lack of clarity and coordination in the process:

  • Who is the right person to call?
  • Who can fix the problem?
  • How can staff and management coordinate among multiple parties to solve the problem?
  • How will staff and service agents share information to enable great service in the face of a problem?
  • Are there things a property can do to decrease the likelihood of the issue repeating itself?

To address these challenges, WorldVue announced a partnership with ServiceNow earlier this year. This partnership will deliver improved and seamless customer experiences via automation, digital workflows, and unprecedented transparency. Using ServiceNow’s solution, WorldVue can consolidate customer service inquiries onto a single platform. This approach yields clear and consistent communication and fast time to resolution while reducing costs.

WorldVue utilizes ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Service Management (FSM). These enable agents to respond quickly to customer service inquiries, such as WiFi connectivity issues at a hotel. With CSM and FSM, the ServiceNow solution helps:

  • Streamline operations for customer service agents, field technicians, and customers, enabling self-service across channels.
  • Empower agents with the real-time information and intelligence they need to provide better service.
  • Ensure that, when a technician is required on-site, the right person with the right certifications, tools, and resources required for installations, repairs, and maintenance is sent to complete the job.

example of ServiceNow customer service dashboard

Within the current service transformation initiative, WorldVue’s ServiceNow portal offers a variety of tools for properties to simplify customer service requests, including:

  • Customer Portal – This one-stop shop is where properties can access everything they need to interact with WorldVue.
  • Case Creation and Updates – Easily open a new case with our Service Center. View real-time updates so the staff always knows the status of an issue.
  • Knowledge Base – Curated content, including manuals, self-guided troubleshooting tips, and other technical resources at your fingertips.
  • Visual Aid – Easily upload pictures or videos to a case to expedite issue diagnosis and resolution.​
  • Equipment Orders – Submit requests for new or replacement equipment, like TV set-top boxes and remotes.​​

WorldVue also plans to include additional tools in the future; for example, the FSM component will gain the ability to track a dispatched field technician​ (akin to tracking your Uber driver) and view how long a technician has been on-site.

WorldVue’s investment in transforming service reflects the company’s bold mission to be “of service” to empower technology solutions at every guest-centric property in the world. Through this partnership, properties served by WorldVue can align systems to automate requests, proactively address issues, and deliver efficient service. This, in turn, enables staff to provide a better customer experience with less effort.

With a dedication to customer service, WorldVue is leading the way in delivering innovative technology solutions that enhance the guest and staff experience. We are your trusted advisor for new developments and property improvement plans, your single source for a wide range of technology products, and your ONE point of contact for installation, service, and support nationwide. Call us today to find out how we can help you deliver a better customer experience!

To reach out to service, email us at Service@wcitv.com

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