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Improving Hotel Operations with Smart Room Technology

Smart buildings are increasing in importance as they save properties time, energy, and money. Business intelligence is the necessary elements of running a profitable business. Business intelligence is essential to obtaining customers and ultimately making a profit. Smart buildings contribute to business intelligence by optimizing energy and saving money. The Internet of Things (IoT) includes all smart components of a hotel, like automatic lighting and surveillance. Automation and remote management are key to improving business intelligence with smart room technology.

Time-Saving Technology

Hotels also save money when they provide guests with opportunities to save time and energy. In a well-optimized smart hotel, guests can check in remotely. Early, remote check-in allows them to communicate any additional needs and manage all paperwork. Additionally, they can receive mobile room keys through their phones. The simplification of this process is an extra amenity. Guests are likely to remember time-saving experiences, ensuring repeat stays and positive reviews. 

Saving time is a huge benefit of business intelligence. Management can use automated technology to save employees from performing repetitive, redundant tasks like data entry. Furthermore, when employees are not performing mundane tasks, they are free to improve the guest experience and provide superior customer service. Hoteliers need to ensure they are providing a great work experience for employees, as exceptional experiences are a reflection of good management. Additionally, the labor shortage means great talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep, so management needs to provide solutions for employees and utilize their skills.

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Additionally, guests have added the “log-out” procedure to their check-out process. With WorldVue Entertainment HUB™, guest data is automatically cleared from the room television, including whatever apps they downloaded or any accounts they may have signed into. If guests utilize the property’s in-room technology or Wi-Fi, they can leave the property assured their data is safe. Furthermore, WorldVue Digital Infrastructure takes extra precautions to ensure all guest information gathered throughout their stay is protected from outside entities.

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As guests leave the hotel, our system changes the room to factory settings to reduce the energy typically wasted through open shades, lamps, or HVAC units.

Personalized Components

Another customer service amenity provided by the smart hotel regards personalization. With PMS and IoT integration, management can remotely adjust hotel rooms to accommodate guest preferences according to their previous stays. Personalized experiences are an exceptional way to bring customer service to smart hotels.

Guests also like to have control over their environment. With smart room technology, guests can set their room preferences manually or rely on the hotel to adjust them based on their stay history. To prepare for bed, guests can program their television to play relaxing sleep music through the WorldVue Relax platform and dim the lights for a better sleep environment. In the mornings, guests can program the room to wake them up peacefully with gentle alarms and subtle changes in the window treatments to let in natural sunlight.

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Financially, remotely controlling an unoccupied room can also have significant cost savings on energy spending (up to 40 percent). Business intelligence typically refers to smart building utilization and the energy-saving benefits of in-room technology. When hotels automate their HVAC systems and lighting, they can save energy that would otherwise be wasted on unoccupied rooms.

Furthermore, hotels can improve their existing systems by integrating WorldVue technology solutions. Surveillance cameras are a great way to save money and optimize energy usage. Finally, smart room technology detects guests moving out of a particular space, automatically adjusting the temperature to accommodate fewer people.

WorldVue improves business intelligence with smart room technology, visit us online to see how we can improve your property’s business intelligence today.

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