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Using Technology to Blend Hospitality and Senior Living

Senior living communities are adopting a resort-style hospitality approach to accommodate changing resident needs. This change in practice is largely a result of the technologically savvy baby boomer generation. Because of this, owners need to provide an engaging community experience in addition to medical care.

There are clear benefits to a hospitality-centered approach for senior living communities. At its core, hospitality strives to provide comfort, privacy, and a high level of customer service to guests. Likewise, it is important to provide these same ideals to senior living residents.

Technology Enhances Resident Experiences

Technology is an important factor in delivering resort-style hospitality to senior living. In today’s connected world, many older adults expect advanced technologies when choosing a community.  

The long-held belief that older adults have yet to adopt technology is no longer true. According to Pew Research, 42% of American seniors own smartphones, and 67% say they regularly use the internet – a 55% increase in just under two decades. Furthermore, this number will rise in the coming years as the rest of the baby boomers generation age into Medicare.  

Technology elevates the resident experience. Just as hotel guests want access to their favorite shows, senior living residents expect the same. Something as simple as a curated channel lineup can greatly improve resident satisfaction.  

Enhanced Entertainment and IoT Increases Safety

Over-the-top solutions like the WorldVue Entertainment HUB™ facilitate easy communication between management and residents. Communities can use the customizable in-house channel to display activities, dining options, events, on-site services, and more. 

Smart technology is making its way into senior living communities. Residents can control features like the lighting and HVAC in their rooms with a touch of a button using IoT. Utilizing smart technology helps residents live an independent lifestyle.

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Empower staff with the time to make meaningful engagements with residents.

Resident safety is of utmost importance to community staff, residents, and their loved ones. Cloud-based surveillance solutions help community staff monitor residents as needed. For instance, security is especially beneficial in memory care communities. Staff can receive alerts when there is movement detected in any pre-set locations. These solutions allow community staff to keep residents safe while also maintaining their privacy. 

In conclusion, shifting to a hospitality mindset has significant benefits for senior living communities. It is important to meet the needs of residents while creating a better community experience.

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