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4 Ways to Improve the Hotel Guest Experience

Improving the guest experience is the key to ensuring repeat business. To provide the best guest experience, properties race to deliver the latest and greatest offerings, features, and amenities.  

It’s important for today’s hotels to continuously evaluate and improve their strategy to meet and exceed guest expectations. Utilizing technology allows hotel owners to incorporate seamless updates to their property that will result in satisfied guests. 

Enhance the in-room experience

The in-room experience goes beyond the physical aspects of a guest room. While décor and design are an important part of any stay, it’s impossible to remodel these features year after year. That’s where hotels can turn to technology. Regularly updating technology systems allows hoteliers to meet the demands of today’s guests and better prepare to exceed future expectations.  

It is increasingly important to give guests a wide variety of in-room entertainment options. This includes evaluating your current TV programming to ensure you’re offering the content your guests really want. Rather than offering 100 channels, hoteliers should curate a TV lineup that fits the needs of their specific guests. Casting technology is always a critical way to ensure guests can watch their favorite shows by offering them the ability to cast content onto the guest room television from their personal devices.

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Personalize their stay

Personalizing the guest experience has become an increasingly important trend across all sectors of the hotel industry. Studies show that brands that create personalized experiences currently achieve a revenue increase between 6% and 10%.  

Adding personal touches throughout the guest journey has become easier thanks to advancements in technology. Incorporating personalization can be as simple as having a custom greeting on the guest’s in-room television upon check-in. We can achieve this personalization by incorporating over-the-top solutions like the WorldVue HUB™ platform into the guest room experience.  

Smart room technology is also opening doors to an even greater level of personalization. This technology gives guests the ability to control everything from the lighting and HVAC to window treatments. Hotel owners can use this data to store guest preferences, allowing them to utilize this information to ensure the guest’s room is set up to their liking during future stays.  

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Ensure convenience

Guests not only want more personalization throughout their stay, but they also want greater control as well. Technology makes it easier to offer a variety of options that cater to each guest’s preferences. When it comes to the in-room experience, utilizing over-the-top solutions helps ensure convenience during their stay.  

Technology has made it possible for guests to checkout, order room service, and even request more towels directly from their in-room television. This alleviates the need for guests to walk down to the lobby or wait on hold when calling down to the front desk. Incorporating digital locks throughout a hotel is another simple way to add a level of convenience for guests. Utilizing digital locks allows guests to receive a mobile key directly to their personal device on the day of check-in, allowing them to bypass the in-person check-in process if they prefer.  

Offer reliable connectivity

In today’s connected world, reliable connectivity is arguably one of the most important amenities a hotel can offer. While most hotels now offer free Wi-Fi to guests, hotels need to evaluate the quality of their connectivity. The quickest way to see unsatisfied guests is by supplying a low-quality connectivity service.  

As hotels also start incorporating more smart technology, it’s critical that a hotel’s current wireless solution can support these applications and offer scalability to meet future needs. Another aspect of connectivity that’s often overlooked is the level of cellular coverage in a hotel. Hotel owners should evaluate their cellular infrastructure to ensure guests have seamless coverage no matter where they are on the property, including parking garages and stairwells.  

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