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4 Benefits of Casting for Hotels and Guests

Consumer habits have shifted significantly over the past year with more people turning to content than ever before. The use of devices other than televisions, such as phones, computers and tablets, has further illuminated the power of content.

The change in consumer habits has increased the need for hoteliers to invest in technology that gives guests access to their favorite content. That’s why casting has become a popular, cost-effective solution for hotels to meet the evolving needs of guests.

Casting is a bring-your-own-content technology that allows guests to share content directly to in-room televisions from their own devices. Consumer habits will continue to change but investing in the right technology now can set hoteliers up for future success.

Casting gives guests the content they want

How people consume entertainment has evolved dramatically over the past year, especially at home. While hotels aren’t necessarily trying to recreate the home experience, there is value in adding the comforts of home to the in-room experience. Guests become accustom to how they access their favorite shows or streaming apps at home.

The number of devices guests use to consume content is also rising. The average person now has four to five devices that they use to access content, and today’s guests are bringing these devices with them during their hotel stays.  

According to Nielsen, consumers will always gravitate toward content viewing options that appeal to them, and the shifts we’ve seen are evidence that they will juggle their media options to fit their lifestyles and preferences. As trends change, hoteliers should anticipate the shift in guest expectations to mimic their home viewing experience.

But when it comes to technology, many hotels have historically stopped investing after upgrading their rooms with smart TVs, while the guest experience has advanced into much more.

Too often, guests are forced to bring their own technology to access to the content they want during hotel stays. It’s common for today’s guests to bring their own streaming device to plug into their guest room TV. However, this can become problematic and complicated when trying to plug into the TV or switching to the right input, resulting in a poor in-room experience. This behavior reinforces the need and want for valuable content among guests.

Casting makes it easy for each guest to stay in control of what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. By providing a curated selection of TV programming along with casting, hotels can cater to each guest by providing a variety of content viewing options.

Little equipment required

Going high-tech doesn’t have to mean incurring exorbitant costs. Instead, hoteliers should focus on implementing an in-room entertainment system that seamlessly integrates with guests’ personal devices.

Casting technology can be implemented over an existing network and with a hotel’s current televisions. Casting can be implemented through a room’s set-top-box or through the use of a dongle that plugs into a TV’s HDMI ports. While there are multiple ways to provide casting technology, it’s most important to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection that makes it easy for guests to connect their personal device.

A secure way to access content

While ease of access to content is important, keeping personal data safe is also a high priority among guests. Casting alleviates the need for guests to log in to subscription-based apps through the guest room TV and instead keeps personal information secure by accessing the content through their own device. There’s no need to worry about accidentally connecting to the room next door or forgetting to log out when they leave.

Casting also eliminates the need to download additional apps on their own device, enhancing the ease of use and familiarity among guests. For those who struggle to remember passwords to their various viewing apps, the ability to use their own device to access content is a game changer. 

Increases guest satisfaction

When hoteliers implement a strategic in-room technology plan, it can create brand loyalty and increase guest satisfaction. Since many people haven’t traveled in the past year, hotels now have an opportunity to create new experiences and meet adapt to new consumer habits as guests begin to check back in. It’s important for hoteliers to think about what experiences they can be delivering to impact the guest experience, which is where having a trusted technology partner comes into play.

Hotels that are on the front of technology curves like casting can see an exponential rise in guest satisfaction and repeat customers. As casting becomes more commonplace, it will also become more notable when hotels are lacking these capabilities.

As consumers expect choice and control over the content they watch, casting is a simplified, secure and seamless way for guests to enjoy their favorite content and will help hotels continue to meet the evolving needs of guests.

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