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WorldVue Marriott Approved Guest Room Entertainment (GRE) Vendor

For over 47 years, WorldVue has partnered with leading hotel brands to provide the premiere technology in guest room entertainment (GRE for hotels), helping to bring the latest innovation in 4K, HD, Casting, and Streaming to your hotel today with WorldVue. WorldVue leads the Marriott GRE industry with close to 2,000 Marriott properties being serviced today.

Learn more about WorldVue TV for hotels. With our partnership with DISH Business, we can provide up to 192 HD channels from Smartbox2.

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Netflix screen
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Hotel Guest Room Entertainment Systems

  • Interactive Channel Guide: View program descriptions and TV schedules.
  • Welcome Message: Tied to the PMS system, welcome each guest by name.
  • View Amenities: Order food, book spa appointments, request more towels, etc. from the guest room remote.
  • View the bill and check out
  • Streaming Applications: Provides built-in access to Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, & more.

WorldVue Marriott GRE For Hotels

Streaming applications are increasingly important. Guests can feel right at home with Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime, Crackle, YouTube, etc. Additionally, with Chromecast solutions, guests can cast their personal devices directly to the TV.

A look inside the LG 6500 STB

The STB-6500 is LG’s latest generation set-top-box that gives WCI customers even more options when it comes to Marriott GRE.


  • Complete platform refresh, promising better performance and more memory
  • Comes with webOS 5.0 smart platform that supports faster apps and games
  • Upgradeable web engine infrastructure
  • System integrators receive their own token ID identifying them to LG’s content deployment server
  • Apps like Netflix and Prime Video can be downloaded independently, saving time and bandwidth

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LG set-top box


STB-6500 gives WorldVue customers the ability to create a consistent in-room experience throughout their property and across multiple locations. It acts as a Pro:Idiom endpoint for TVs that are typically seen in a free-to-guest environment. The new software system can also adjust to varying
screen sizes and resolutions. 


In addition to supporting faster applications and games, the STB-6500 also gives guests the ability to watch their favorite content while appealing to a range of personal guest preferences. Guests can watch their favorite content in 4k Ultra HD resolution, four times higher than that of full HD. The STB-6500 also features Bluetooth Sound Sync which allows guests to listen to music from their personal device through the TV via Bluetooth.

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