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stayAPT Selects WorldVue for Complete Connectivity

WorldVue Brings Complete Connectivity Solutions to stayAPT Suites Nationwide

stayAPT Suites selects WorldVue (WCI) technology portfolio including surveillance, secure high-speed Wi-Fi, and in-room entertainment.

Powered by the WorldVue Connectivity solution, stayAPT Suites provides advanced technology solutions like high-speed Wi-Fi to all guests. In addition, the partnership includes new and developing properties.

Additionally, this partnership extends beyond traditional hotel in-room entertainment to include Connectivity, Surveillance, Low Voltage, and Managed Wi-Fi Services.

“Technology is the backbone of the guest experience nervous system. When
It is out of alignment, the guest experiences pain. When the technology is
working great, the guest experience is peace of mind.”

– Brian Mangum; CIO, stayAPT Suites

This fast-growing U.S. hotel brand was seeking a turn-key partner to service its portfolio from inside the room to property-wide. With a winning concept in hand and the backing of Sonora Network Solutions, Cambium Networks, Eagle Eye Networks and the WorldVue Low Voltage team, WorldVue set out to create plans for a total solution.

WorldVue created a high degree of simplicity and coverage for the brand’s growing number of new
U.S. locations. Also, this partnership is building the reputation of the hotel brand, creating customer satisfaction and numerous positive reviews.

Finally, WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ solution offers unparalleled security segmentation and instant onboarding, making it an obvious choice for clients like this. With tangible ROI and monetization opportunities built into the solution, as well as the business value of the lower cost of ownership (without sacrificing quality or security), WorldVue delivers industry-leading service and features into new verticals that have never had access to this level of solution in previous competitors’ price points. Furthermore, WorldVue has a full history of working with new hotel brands like stayAPT.

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