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The Future of Travel: What to Expect in 2022

As we close the chapter on 2021, we would like to reflect on 2021 and explore the future of travel in 2022. We fully expect travel will be back in full swing, and hotels are getting ready for Revenge Travel.

Booking.com performed a survey to give insight into what the travel industry can expect from 2022. Their number one expectation? Unpredictability.

Self-Care Travel

In 2022, we can expect a resurgence of self-care travel. Over 82 percent of survey respondents reported that having a vacation on the horizon greatly improves their mental state. These vacations are a luxury for many Americans, and it’s important to provide the relaxing experience travelers are looking for. With WorldVue, WCI’s in-room entertainment experience is flexible, and hotel management can use meditation sessions and live stream yoga to each guestroom. These technological advancements benefit travelers looking to unwind and relax, escaping the stress of their daily lives.

Travel as a Stress-Free Escape

Traveling has always been a way to escape the daily routine. This year, however, travelers are taking that escape to a new level by vowing to turn off their phones and avoid their work emails. Over three-quarters of the people surveyed said they will firmly re-establish the line between work and play, with vacation being strictly work-free (76 percent). Therefore, future travel should be as easy as possible. With advanced amenities like premium channels and curated content, ensure that guests are getting the complete vacation package, binging the shows they’ve been dying to see, and indulging in your room service offerings.

Impromptu Travel and Schedule-Free Vacations

Americans are tired of being told “no.” Over half of respondents from the Booking.com survey report they will shed their typical itinerary in favor of free-reign travel plans (60 percent). Before the pandemic, travelers scheduled vacations down to the minute. Today, vacationers are not concerned with following a strict plan, reporting that they want a chance to relax and recharge. The change in travel routine means guests will be flocking to on-site amenities like pools and gyms, making the hotel a much more important part of their stay. No longer just a place to rest their head, guests will expect updated amenities like casting services and the capability to stream from their favorite channels.

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Empower guests to spend their vacation however they like, whether that is out exploring the city or relaxing in their respective rooms. Future travel predictions encourage increased choice offerings.

Reliance on Technology and Communication

Finally, Booking.com advises hoteliers to “expect the unexpected.” Technology is more important than ever before, and we’re all used to constant connection. Keep your guests connected with cellular boosting and WorldVue Wired & Wireless Network solutions to eliminate dead zones and increase guest satisfaction. Nearly two-thirds of respondents reported that technology can help to alleviate the anxiety they usually experience around traveling (65 percent). With updated technology platforms like WorldVue HUB™, you can provide guests with real-time weather reports and flight schedules to make sure they are constantly connected. Enable guests to feel at ease for their future travel.

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