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3 Multi-Family Industry Concerns and How to Solve Them

Multi-family properties are increasing in popularity amongst young and older people alike. Affordable housing, on-site parking, and accessible amenities are just some of the reasons why people are flocking to apartment complexes. With the influx of residents, multi-family properties need to ensure they are on top of common MDU concerns like those outlined below.

Cellular Boosting and Surveillance

On-site covered parking is a huge amenity for MDU residents. However, safety is a big concern in this part of any property. The parking garage is a heavily traveled area, but it usually has the worst cellular connectivity. Residents need safety solutions they can rely on, both camera monitoring for car accidents or vandalism, and cellular service for increased safety. WorldVue Surveillance provides reliable remote monitoring, so your staff can stop a problem before it even occurs. Additionally, WorldVue Surveillance uses boundary alerts to notify staff if someone is in an unauthorized area or loiters in a space for an unusually long amount of time. WorldVue also offers cellular boosting through Cel-Fi, so residents can feel safe throughout the property.

graphic illustrating cellular boosting solution
Cellular boosting software ensures connectivity across the property.

Connectivity Concerns

The only thing worse than a dropped call is a dropped meeting. As work continues online, more and more people are joining the property’s network, meaning reduced connectivity for conference/video calls. Reduce MDU concerns with WorldVue Connectivity. Our platform ensures residents can stay connected and meet with colleagues just as they would in person. Today, the average U.S. household has 25 connected devices. The number of household devices will increase as people continue to work, learn, and play from home. WorldVue Connectivity is a surefire way to ensure residents are satisfied with their internet connectivity. Additionally, smart home devices are rising in popularity amongst consumers. Smart home devices include smart lighting, flooring, and window controls. Some smart home devices are also safety-related including leak detectors, security systems, and smart thermometers to regulate temperature. As residents continue to move toward smart device implementation, MDU networks will experience a significant strain.

hand holding cell phone showing surveillance photo and information
Machine learning provides insightful analytics to improve MDU security concerns.

Remote Monitoring

Finally, remote monitoring is a major concern for MDU properties. Managers may operate multiple properties across a region, meaning they can’t be on the premises 24/7. Instead of sacrificing security, MDU properties are implementing remote monitoring solutions that use artificial intelligence to notify management of security concerns. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence component continues to learn your business as it operates. WorldVue Surveillance is accessible remotely and provides real-time updates and notifications. Additionally, WorldVue Surveillance is compatible with most existing security systems, so properties can minimize costs and simply advance their existing structure.

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