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Technology Upgrades for Today’s Guests

Creative technology upgrades attract today’s guests, especially the highly sought-after group: Influencers. Rising social media stars can be a key marketing tool for hotels, especially those in unique areas. WorldVue keeps these hotel guests connected, allowing them to communicate with followers and brands invested in their accounts.

Internet connectivity is the most crucial component for this group of travelers as they are dedicated to maintaining their brand image with constant connection and communication. WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ provides elevated levels of internet bandwidth to attract influencers, furthering the property’s social image and popularity.

hotel room at Moxy NYC
Moxy NYC uses WorldVue HUB™ for memorable experiences.

Connectivity for the Avid Traveler

Today’s travelers are looking for maximum comfort and connection. Fast Wi-Fi is essential as influencers can be remote workers and travel enthusiasts. Lifestyle travelers are looking for a seamless experience, transitioning effortlessly from their home office to work remotely from a new destination. When choosing technology upgrades, it is essential that hotels accommodate this group with unique experiences and reliable wireless connectivity across the property. Remote workers, in particular, want to take full advantage of the “work anywhere” concept of today’s job market. Advertising full-property connectivity can be a lucrative way to attract this group. Encourage potential guests to imagine themselves working on spreadsheets at your property’s pool instead of on their couch at home. Their “ideal office” may be a great opportunity to gain traction on social networking sites. Influencers will encourage followers to visit a hotel that accommodates their internet needs.

side view of room at Moxy NYC
The Moxy NYC features unique rooms for ergonomic travelers.

Location and design are important components of destination hotels. Today’s generation of travel influencers is looking for a central location with convenient solutions. This new wave of work-from-hotel travelers isn’t concerned with the typical amenities of a hotel like on-site bars and restaurants, as they prefer to spend their time exploring the destination. To please this group of travelers, hotels need to be clean, convenient, and comfortable, inviting guests to feel at home and stay as long as they’d like.

Technology Solutions Away from Home

WorldVue and our alliance partner DISH also provide customized programming solutions. Destination hotels can immerse guests in the area’s culture with local sports and news. Additionally, hotel management can decide what package best suits their clientele, and what they’d like to feature in the common areas.

To further alleviate any travel-related stress, hotels need to advance their technology stack to include updated television services. Streaming services are an incredibly popular resolution to ensure guests feel right at home. With seamless casting by Chromecast, guests can watch their favorite shows through their own devices. If they’d prefer to stream directly through the television, the WorldVue HUB™ platform also features popular streaming apps with the security of automated password protection. Additionally, guests at WorldVue properties can also stream SHOWTIME without registering an account.

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