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Personalize Luxury Hotels with Low Touch + High-Quality Service

WorldVue can personalize luxury hotels, using technology to deliver exceptional service. Personalized services enable hoteliers to create “The New Hotel Room” for luxury guests.

Personalization is an especially important piece of luxury hotel technology, especially as hotels look to upgrade their solution offerings with touchless technology and automation. At WorldVue, we encourage hotels to strategically use technology to personalize the guest journey instead of automating it. Technology upgrades are essential to improve the guest experience and keep the guests coming back.

Luxury lies in the delicate balance of high-tech convenience and high-touch service.

Luxury properties amaze guests through personalized service. Guests at luxury properties expect a seamless experience, including easy check-ins, culinary delights, spa services, and bonus features like golf, swimming, and fitness centers.

Customizing the guest experience is easier than you may think.

Hotels automatically gather activity from a guest’s previous stays, keeping a complete list of every activity the guest participated in, and every drink or food item they ordered from room service. Many hotels use this data to communicate with one another to prepare for the guest’s arrival, ensuring the housekeeping team provides extra towels, more toiletries, etc. To personalize luxury hotels, we recommend using this pre-existing information to customize the guest experience.

Curated Promotional Content

Tapping into the property management software is a great way for hoteliers to send personalized recommendations and promotions directly to a guest’s in-room entertainment center. Perhaps your property is organizing a meet and greet in the lobby. Past purchase information enables management to strategically advertise. For instance, promote a particular beverage special or remind guests that the Happy Hour deal includes their favorite drink. Personalized marketing is a great way to drive revenue and engage guests staying at your property.

Customized Communications

The WorldVue Entertainment HUB™ invites hoteliers to sprinkle personalized communication elements throughout the guest-room. Customers can create a custom greeting on the guest’s in-room television to be displayed upon their arrival. Our in-room Entertainment HUB™ integrates directly into every hotel PMS solution, enabling management the opportunity to greet guests with a custom welcome message, automated to appear on the screen identifying the guest by name. The goal is to continue the seamless experience from booking, to check-in to room arrival.

Additionally, The HUB™ platform supports personalized group travel. Hotel management can create a custom message to be displayed on a specified grouping of hotel room televisions. There, hotels can promote certain activities or recommend services like spa appointments and a list of pool hours.

Contactless Convenience

Gone are the days of waiting in line for restaurant recommendations or to request more toiletries. Providing guests with an in-room concierge service enables them to order room service, request additional towels, locate amenity hours, etc. directly from their television screen. Displaying informative content is a great way to increase guest traffic to revenue-driving amenities such as on-site dining locations, full-service spas, and other services like boutique shopping centers and coffee shops. Guests enjoy the convenience of in-room concierge services and the hotel benefits as well. Especially as labor and supply shortages continue to affect normal operations, hotels can easily adjust their online menus and property-wide digital signage to accommodate changes in menus, hours, etc.

Common-Area Displays

Property-wide digital signage is another great way for management to communicate with guests. What this amenity lacks in personalization it makes up for in convenience. Digital menus, event calendars, and property information can all be displayed on easy-to-read digital signage in common areas. Hotels use this platform to communicate with guests, providing them the added amenity of self-service, whenever they need information.

In-Room Controls

In addition to personalized service, today’s luxury guests want greater control over their experience. Technology makes it easier to offer a variety of options that cater to each guest’s unique preferences. Smart room technology opens additional opportunities for personalization. With IoT technology, guests can control everything in the room, from the lighting and HVAC system to heated flooring and advanced window treatments.

Furthermore, guests can utilize remote, self-service check-in and check-out applications like The HUB™ in-room checkout feature. With this application, guests do not have to download any apps or use phone data, as the feature is used with the in-room television screen.

living room area of hotel suite, with The HUB on TV

Digital Compendium

Additionally, the WorldVue in-room Entertainment HUB™ is a foolproof way for hotels to advertise their unique attributes and service offerings. With customized themes and informative in-house channels, luxury hotels can identify exactly what sets them apart from other properties and the unique opportunities guests may have during their stay. Our digital compendium encourages luxury hoteliers to advertise revenue-generating amenities and services by upselling through our in-room platform.

Personalized technology is the key to improving the guest experience. The delicate balance between service and convenience can be achieved through thoughtful technology advancements. Finally, The WorldVue Entertainment HUB™ offers numerous opportunities for a hotel to market their property to their guests. From the moment of guest check-in, when the TV is turned on in the room in anticipation of the guest’s arrival, to the time the guest checks out using the convenient in-room checkout feature, WorldVue provides the hotel with the ability to upsell, build brand loyalty, and increase GSS every step of the way.

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