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How to Know if It’s Time to Advance Your MDU Security

MDU security systems have advanced far beyond simple surveillance cameras that record spotty videos with limited control and access. Today’s MDU systems are adaptive and comprehensive, with real-time reports and reliable insights. As information moves into the cloud, it’s imperative that MDU management teams upgrade their systems. WorldVue Surveillance by Eagle Eye Networks enhances traditional MDU surveillance systems by providing real-time information and comprehensive analytic reports.

Advanced Capabilities

It is important to keep your MDU security system up to date to reduce threats and ensure resident safety. Additionally, updated systems like WorldVue Surveillance support business operations through AI learning tools and smart-camera functions like virtual boundary monitoring. Through these advancements, surveillance systems can now behave as both video cameras and business tools.

Cost-Effective Solutions

WorldVue Surveillance minimizes property costs by integrating its software into pre-existing MDU security systems. By utilizing existing cameras on the property, WorldVue reduces downtime and increases efficiency for MDU properties. Eagle Eye Networks reduces the total cost of ownership with no upfront costs, no cost to add additional locations, and reduced maintenance costs with automatic software updates.

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Optimize Business Performance

Eagle Eye Networks uses advanced analytics to provide insight into day-to-day operations within MDU communities. With an advanced MDU security system, management can identify ways to streamline processes while reducing security threats.

  • Loitering: Prevent crimes like vandalism and break-ins by tracking and receiving notifications when people or vehicles stay in one place for too long.
  • Intrusion: Monitor vulnerable areas, especially after hours, by setting parameters that trigger alerts when the predetermined area is entered.
  • Camera Tampering: Reduce false alarms and ensure a camera is not being blocked, covered or moved with AI-based camera tampering.
  • Line Crossing: Minimize theft, break-ins and vandalism by sending an alert when a moving object crosses over a user-defined virtual line.
  • People Counting: Monitor patterns like how many customers enter your business each week, peak times for traffic and customer behavior patterns.

Secure Data Storage

Eagle Eye Network Cloud VMS eliminates the need for open ports, providing secure remote access by only allowing outbound connections to the Eagle Eye Cloud. Additionally, customizable solutions enable owners to grant access on a case-by-case basis. For instance, a regional manager can have access to the entire portfolio of MDU security cameras and recorded data, while a local manager can only see and control their own location’s data.

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