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WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ Low Voltage Cabling

Future-Proofing Your Property with Low Voltage Cabling

WorldVue designs scalable, future-proof network infrastructure to support the increasing demand for high bandwidth with low latency. WCI brings advanced Low Voltage Cabling solutions to accommodate the need for fast, reliable internet. WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ employs specialized project managers to carefully survey each site, assessing the existing cabling before recommending agnostic, third-party solutions for internet connectivity.

Providing secure, reliable internet access is an essential amenity for guests and residents of multifamily communities, student housing campuses, senior living facilities, hotels and enterprise buildings. Visitors expect seamless connectivity throughout the property to perform their activities like streaming live video or music, placing phone calls and communicating via the internet.

WorldVue provides the following low voltage cabling services:

  • Wi-Fi Heat Mapping
  • Cellular Boosting
  • Cloud-based Video Monitoring Systems
  • Digital Signage
  • VoIP (Voice Over IP)

Ethernet cables plugged into gateway

Wi-Fi Heat Mapping

WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ calculates the strength of internet access across a property by performing intelligent Wi-Fi heat mapping. This process can be performed at any time during the building’s lifecycle, ranging from meetings with construction teams during the blueprint design process or analyzing and retrofitting current operating systems after the property has been in operation. Low voltage cabling improves a building’s connectivity to accommodate growing needs.

Through Wi-Fi heat mapping, ImpruviX technicians can determine the best access point for internet connectivity. The Wi-Fi heat map can also suggest additional ventilation needs or cabling for a specific room or utility closet. Wi-Fi heat maps help identify areas that would otherwise be “dead zones,” including hard-to-reach places like stairwells and parking garages.

Cellular Boosting

Similar to Wi-Fi heat mapping, cellular boosting includes identifying and eliminating “dead zones” however this feature is for cellular connectivity instead of Wi-Fi. Cellular boosting improves safety and communication throughout the property. Residents, visitors and staff have reliable, constant connectivity in case of an emergency or unexpected issue. The WorldVue Cellular Boosting program is carrier-agnostic, meaning the solution is compatible with all carriers. Additionally, the WorldVue Cellular Boosting platform is supported by the FCC and safe for all properties. Improved low voltage cabling is essential to improving cellular connectivity.

graphic illustrating cellular boosting solution

Cloud-Based Video Monitoring Systems

Safety is a continuing concern for any property, and cloud-based video monitoring systems are increasingly common as they are easier to install, operate and manage than traditional analog camera systems. WorldVue Surveillance uses artificial intelligence to mitigate risk and alert management if it detects suspicious activity like loitering and crossing pre-determined boundaries. Furthermore, management can remotely access all cameras, add users, edit permissions, create access schedules and combine user groups from their personal devices. The program also enables management to assign users different levels of access.

surveillance system with dome camera and dashboard on various devices

Digital Signage

The WorldVue Digital Signage solution improves property-wide communication amongst staff and residents. To support the platform, properties need reliable internet access and updated networks for videos, images and announcements. The WorldVue Digital Signage program includes directional wayfinding, menu boards and real-time flight information. Additionally, management can update property-wide messaging through the easy-to-use customer platform.


Finally, the WorldVue low voltage cabling service supports VoIP through scalable, affordable connectivity. Instead of using an analog phone line, the WorldVue VoIP platform provides a reliable broadband Internet connection for secure, over-the-phone transactions.

VoIP system with monitor, desktop phone, and mobile phone

Future-proof your MDU community, hotel or enterprise today with WorldVue Low Voltage. Visit us online for a free assessment and technology quote: www.worldvue.com

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