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Work-from-Hotel Tech for Business Travelers

Remote work is here to stay

Companies across the world are encouraging employees to work remotely and improve their work-life balance. Remote work allows professionals to live a hybrid lifestyle, traveling more and spending more time outside of their homes and offices. With remote work, employees can stay in a new area and broaden their horizons to experience new cities and cultures. WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ empowers hotels to embrace this new traveler with reliable Wi-Fi and additional accommodations for remote workers. Additionally, WorldVue Entertainment HUB™ provides hotels relying on business travel a new way to host conferences and meetings.

The Importance of Reliable Wi-Fi for Remote Work

Increased bandwidth is an important amenity for most guests, but especially remote workers. High internet speeds are essential for remote workers so they can download content, engage with colleagues, and coordinate meetings effectively. Because remote work has increased in popularity, gone are the days when “my Wi-Fi isn’t working” was a viable excuse for clocking out early. Employers expect remote workers to have a reliable connection throughout the workday, regardless of where they’re logging in from. Hotels need to implement connectivity platforms so seamless, employers can’t tell guests are logging in from anywhere other than their home offices.

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Video Conferencing

Reliable internet is the number one way hotels can attract hybrid employees working remotely. The pandemic encouraged companies to hold meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. While these remote conference calls are efficient and cost-effective, they consume a significant amount of data. Guests are used to the Wi-Fi they use at home, which supports only a few devices. In hotels, however, there can be thousands of connected devices used by the property alone, and guests are bringing an average of 3 Wi-Fi connected devices with them when they check into a hotel.

Our advanced technology partnerships allow WorldVue to bring superior Wi-Fi services to hotels across North America. Our partner alliances bring the bandwidth to support a high volume of devices and can accommodate video conferences. Expanded bandwidth is an essential component for hotels to support the remote workforce. Targeting this new era of business people is advantageous for properties that have not previously been able to tap into this market, such as destination hotels and facilities outside of major cities and airports. Wi-Fi is very essential for business-centered hotels, especially those that are now accommodating remote conferences and hybrid events.

Live Meetings

Hotels with conference centers that relied heavily on business meetings for income have adopted live streaming as a new way to encourage business travel. WorldVue HUB™ provides live streaming options directly through a guest’s in-room entertainment center. Guests can tune into live events wherever they are on the property, joining meetings with large crowds. The live streaming component of WorldVue HUB™ is essential for any property looking to host the “new normal” remote work business conference. Guests can safely stream the conference from their hotel room and partake in socially distanced happy hours or networking events afterward. On-site hybrid events encourage attendants to pick and choose which portion of the event they’d like to participate in, enhancing accessibility.

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Guest Room Control

Finally, an equally important component of remote work is adequate ambiance and lighting for remote conference calls. Professionals logging in from a hotel room need adequate lighting to perform daily tasks and join video conferences. Dimly lit rooms are unacceptable for video calls, especially if the guest is hosting the meeting. At WorldVue, we give the guests control of their room’s lighting and provide relaxing music directly through their television screens. Smart room amenities provide guests additional control over their environment, a necessary component of remote work.

Streaming Services

When they’re finished with work-related activities, remote workers want access to their favorite streaming services. Our WorldVue platform allows guests to stream directly from their television set, accessing their favorite apps. Guests can log in to their favorite services with the assurance they will be automatically logged out upon checkout. Additionally, guests of WorldVue properties have unlimited access to the SHOWTIME and HBO GO streaming platform throughout their stay, without logging in to an account.

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