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Environmental Monitoring Improves Efficiency in Hotels

At WorldVue, our digital infrastructure environmental monitoring solutions drive operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Our product uses artificial intelligence, smart room technologies, and machine learning to improve environmental monitoring. Furthermore, through PMS integration, our program works with existing systems to enhance the guest experience and ensure repeat stays.

Environmental monitoring is defined as all the tools and techniques a business or property employs to reduce unnecessary energy, water, and fuel consumption and waste.

The Solutions

Creating a successful environmental monitoring program begins with a detailed property evaluation to outline unique business requirements. Our team of project managers performs a detailed review and consultation with each property to establish individualized expectations and needs. Each of the following components can be added to new properties during the blueprinting and construction phase. They can also be retrofitted to accommodate older locations. The solutions vary based on the structure’s current operating system and state.

Smart Building Intelligence

Our WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ team implements cost-saving, eco-friendly devices to automatically monitor energy consumption and reduce waste through our allied partnerships with industry-leading IoT providers. Smart devices like HVAC thermostats, window treatments, and lighting advancements reduce energy consumption and drive operational efficiency. Improving these systems is beneficial as properties can automatically reduce usage when the rooms are unoccupied.

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Our unique, comprehensive solution simplifies advanced technology by weaving multiple platforms into one manageable program. Smart building intelligence is especially helpful in reducing energy consumption when all components are integrated into the existing PMS platform.

Leak and Density Sensors

Leak sensors are a great way for hoteliers to reduce waste. While leak sensors help prevent catastrophic events like flooding or carbon monoxide poisoning, they are also useful for lowering operational costs by identifying potential energy/water waste. Leak sensors alert management if there are air leaks from window/loose seals and water leaking from a toilet, bathtub, refrigerator, sink, etc., reducing unnecessary waste and consumption.

Density sensors are another unique environmental monitoring solution. By utilizing artificially intelligent surveillance cameras, hotels can automatically adjust the IoT devices in common areas based on the density of people detected in a space. Additionally, the system can analyze demand and load patterns to optimize functionality through machine learning. This process includes turning off all lights and reducing HVAC energy in ballrooms when the system detects all guests have left the event. Additionally, the HVAC system can detect when a large group enters the lobby at an unusual time, changing the air conditioning and heating systems to accommodate.

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PMS Integration

WorldVue partners with the existing PMS to control room technology and improve efficiency. For example, when a guest checks out, the system can automatically reduce the HVAC activity by adjusting the temperature, lowering blinds, turning off lights, etc. Additionally, WorldVue enhances guest personalization through the PMS and IoT systems by retaining information relating to guest preferences. IoT personalization can include automatic lighting adjustments or HVAC management to prepare the room for the guest’s arrival.

At WCI, our team of technology engineers, system designers, and project managers installs and retrofits WorldVue solutions to new and existing properties with little to no downtime. Visit us online at www.worldvue.com to learn more about our services.

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