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Digital Signage for Senior Living Communities

WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™ offers the ultimate communication solution for senior living communities. Digital signage is an essential technology to save time and financial resources. WorldVue’s Digital Signage solution in partnership with FWI is the all-inclusive solution to property-wide communication. Engage seniors and visitors alike with thoughtful, timely updates and wayfinding solutions.

Property-Wide Communication

WorldVue Digital Signage is a great way for staff to communicate with senior living residents, regardless of their location on the property. Staff can feature digital menu boards in common areas that integrate seamlessly into the lobby design. With digital menus, staff can save time and money spent creating and printing out daily meal schedules and menus. Additionally, the easy-to-use platform allows for quick and easy updates to communicate changes effectively.

Directional Wayfinding

Directional wayfinding is an essential component of digital signage for senior living facilities. Electronic maps can help guide visitors or guests to a specific area, informing them of any important updates or time constraints for scheduled events. Furthermore, residents can use directional wayfinding to find their way to different areas within the property, like event rooms or on-site theatres. The platform can feature daily and weekly schedules to keep residents informed on upcoming group activities or events.

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Real-Time Updates

Digital signage is also useful for notifying staff and residents of emergencies in real-time. Property-wide communication is essential in large facilities, especially when residents may be hard of hearing. WorldVue Digital Signage is easily integrated into in-room entertainment platforms to deliver content directly to in-room televisions. Digital signage is an excellent source of communication in case of emergencies or for property-wide notifications like fire alarm testing and upcoming group events/visitors. Additionally, senior living facilities can display real-time news feeds and weather reports on the platform, keeping residents and employees informed.

High-Quality Content and Displays

The digital signage platform by WorldVue can use traditional screens or implement touch-screen devices for interactive displays. The platform features built-in touch screen functionality to help residents easily utilize the platform’s features like directional wayfinding and the virtual concierge system.

Staff can feature many different types of content on the property’s digital signs, including social media feeds, custom motion graphics, branded welcome messages, upcoming events and property menus. The property can also feature robust 4k videos to represent the desired image for visitors and prospective residents.

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Customized, In-House Design

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-use templates and design recommendations. The WorldVue Digital Signage interface also features drag-and-drop functionality for ultimate control and ease of use.

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