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Top 6 Student Housing Technology Upgrades

1. Reliable Connectivity

Students have many options for places to live around campus. Student housing technology is essential to improve resident retention and separate your property from the competition. In addition to saving money, students need reliable, property-wide connectivity to perform schoolwork and other online activities like social networking and video streaming. Read more to learn about the top 6 student housing technology advancements residents want today.

In addition to performing school-related activities like online homework and streaming remote lectures, student housing residents need reliable connectivity to engage socially with their peers. Today’s students are experts at multi-tasking, scrolling through their phones while streaming a movie and communicating virtually across social media. WorldVue Connectivity ensures residents are supported for both work and play in the comfort of their apartment home.

2. Property-Wide Service

Student housing complexes are set apart by their property-wide amenities like pools, gyms and community-centered gathering places. Elevate the student housing experience with property-wide Wi-Fi to support all your residents, regardless of where they are on the property. Residents expect property-wide connectivity that follows them to whatever amenity they are utilizing. The influx of music streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music means students need reliable connectivity when using speakers at the pool or headphones in the gym. Ensure students can stay connected across the property with campus-wide connectivity through WorldVue.

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3. Smart Thermostats

Student housing residents are always looking for simple solutions to save money. Smart home appliances are a cost-effective way for residents (and apartment management) to save on operating costs. Smart thermostats reduce energy consumption by providing “eco-friendly” options to control the temperature while the resident is away. Furthermore, today’s smart thermostats can adapt to a user’s typical schedule through artificial learning, motion detectors, and pattern recognition. Smart thermostats are a fantastic addition to all student housing technology offerings.

4. Cellular Support

Wi-Fi connection is an inarguably important amenity for student housing residents, however, cellular connectivity is essential as well. Reduce dead zones and increase student safety with WorldVue Connectivity cellular boosting technology by Cel-Fi. Also, our cellular boosting solutions improve coverage for all phone providers and are certified by the FCC to support whatever company your residents choose for their personal devices.

5. Surveillance

Safety is a concern for all multi-family dwellers, especially students. For some, your complex may be the first time they have lived away from home or by themselves. Give residents peace of mind with WorldVue Surveillance, the remote surveillance streaming platform. Management can access cameras across the property from their cell phones, meaning you are constantly connected. Additionally, our surveillance platform can notify management if there is suspicious behavior such as loitering or unusual activity around certain areas like parking garages and dumpsters. Bring residents peace of mind with WorldVue Surveillance.

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6. Simplified Solutions

Finally, students are looking for quick solutions when they move. WorldVue brings simplified solutions for property management and residents of student housing. Our program ensures residents are immediately connected upon move-in, removing one more step for new residents. This amenity is especially popular amongst student housing residents as they are inexperienced with the setup and management of Wi-Fi, especially when they are sharing their space with roommates. Simplify the move-in process with WorldVue Digital Infrastructure™.

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