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3 Things Remote Workers Want from a Hotel

As many companies move away from traditional workspaces, employees are turning to an unexpected solution – hotels. Whether they’re looking for a change of scenery or a quiet space away from home, many remote workers are utilizing hotel rooms as their office for the day, week or month.  

According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, roughly half of U.S. professionals believe their companies will allow them to telecommute at least part time after the pandemic. Turning to hotels as the new office gives guests the chance to earn loyalty points without traveling and hotels a way to utilize unused rooms.

So how can you attract remote workers to your property? Here are three things remote workers want from a hotel.

Comfortable workspaces

When choosing a hotel workspace, remote workers are looking for comfort and privacy. Many hotels have already incorporated desks in their room designs and now have the opportunity to further enhance this space for potential remote workers. Ensure rooms have a designated workspace and offer other office essentials they may find helpful, like printers or paper. It’s also helpful to block out rooms that offer workers a quiet on-property experience.

Investing in smart room technology can help take comfort to the next level by giving remote workers the ability to customize their work environment by controlling the temperature and lighting in the room to fit their preferences. This technology will not only benefit remote workers but also regular hotel guests if using the rooms interchangeably.

Fast and reliable connectivity

Reliable connectivity has become central to the hotel guest experience and often drives high levels of guest satisfaction. Connectivity is especially critical for remote workers who will expect the connectivity to be more reliable than what they would get at home or the office.  

There are multiple circuits hotels can choose from that deliver the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi to their property. Hotels should also consider cellular coverage to ensure customers can easily jump on conference calls and virtual meetings with ease. Through 5G coverage and cellular boosting, properties can alleviate dead zones within the hotel and provide reliable cellular coverage.

On-demand access to amenities

A major perk of using a hotel office space for remote workers is access to on-site amenities. While some may opt for in-person experiences, hotel technology can give guests the choice to experience these perks without ever having to leave their room.

Hotels can upload workout videos to guest room TVs to give workers a quick and easy mid-day exercise break. Another option is to utilize mediation apps available through in-room entertainment platforms like the WorldVue Entertainment HUB that can help remote workers reset and recharge. Remote workers can also utilize the guest room televisions to order room service straight to their room or even book a quick spa appointment during their lunch break.  

With these technology enhancements, hotels can help attract the new age of remote workers while also setting up their property to exceed their guests’ expectations for years to come.

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