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interior of restaurant with large kitchen

Traveling for Foodies

One of the many pleasures of traveling is checking out new food. However, it can be overwhelming when you’re in a new city with so many new choices. At WorldVue, we recommend this list of some of the best boutique hotels in the US with some delicious restaurants that all foodies need to visit and try! Gitano Miami Gitano Miami at Casa Faena offers you a taste of Tulum without having to leave the hotel.

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interior of Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona

New Technologies for Boutique Hotels

When used correctly, technology can customize the guest experience, empowering boutique hotel employees to provide the best possible customer service. Boutique hotels are unique in their ability to surprise guests. Technology is a cost-effective way for boutique hoteliers to emphasize the unique experiences they deliver to guests. Changing Trends Since the pandemic, guests have been pursuing unique experiences now more than ever. According to Expedia Group’s 2023 Traveler Value Index, guests are looking for new,

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mountain landscape

Mountain Getaways

A trip to the mountains offers recreational fun for everyone all year long. Whether you want to go when the snow is perfectly powered to ski or wait for it to melt away for a beautiful hike. At WorldVue, we recommend these mountain getaways below for the best recreation fun for all ages:   The Aspen Mountain Residences   Welcome to The Aspen Mountain Residences where you can live luxuriously. This mountain residence comes with fully equipped

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guest using phone and TV in hotel room

The Risks of Outdated Digital Infrastructure in Luxury Hotels

Robust internet connectivity is no longer an added amenity for luxury hotels, it is an essential component of the guest experience. Our daily lives depend on secure, reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity, and that need extends well into the hotel space. As such, property owners need to focus on digital infrastructure in luxury hotels. As our dependence on connectivity grows, Wi-Fi systems need to advance. Most of today’s hotels are ill-equipped to handle the data and

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interior of boutique hotel

WorldVue Designs Retrofit Infrastructure for Boutique Hotels

WorldVue designs retrofit infrastructure solutions at the total lowest cost for boutique and historic hotels. Experienced in the design and wiring process, WorldVue Digital Infrastructure reviews as-built drawings to design a custom solution for boutique hotels. We customize our unique program for each building’s unique, pre-existing structure. About WorldVue WorldVue designs updated, retrofit infrastructure for boutique hotels. In addition to improving guest connectivity, WCI designs technology systems to support smart devices like cloud-based common area

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handshake between human and robot

2023 Technology Trends

Curious to know the upcoming 2023 technology trends? At WorldVue, we researched the industry and developed the following top two technology upgrades you can expect to see in the upcoming year: Robots? While we don’t expect robots to ever replace authentic, human-centered interaction, we do expect they’ll continue to grow in influence, making them the number one 2023 technology trend. Automated technology helps hotels with operations, the behind-the-scenes. The hotels that have used this technology

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hotel guest room with The HUB showing on the TV

Personalize Luxury Hotels with Low Touch + High-Quality Service

WorldVue can personalize luxury hotels, using technology to deliver exceptional service. Personalized services enable hoteliers to create “The New Hotel Room” for luxury guests. Personalization is an especially important piece of luxury hotel technology, especially as hotels look to upgrade their solution offerings with touchless technology and automation. At WorldVue, we encourage hotels to strategically use technology to personalize the guest journey instead of automating it. Technology upgrades are essential to improve the guest experience

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exterior of MDU housing

Improving Digital Infrastructure – Converting Office Space to MDU

Most MDU buildings are designed to support today’s devices, but not tomorrow’s technologies. As we increase our connectivity needs, it is important to improve the digital infrastructure of MDU communities. Inventions like Web 3.0, the Metaverse, 5G, and Wi-Fi 7 will require significantly more internet connection than today’s devices. Therefore, it is important for MDU investors to either create a future-proof infrastructure or convert current buildings to satisfy the growing need for connectivity. At WorldVue,

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Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and skating rink

5 Magical Hotels to Celebrate the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and it is time to celebrate! At WorldVue, we recommend spending your holiday near the Christmas magic. Below are our top picks for the best hotels to celebrate the holidays with the best Christmas spirit nearby:   Jingle Bell Rock Near Radio City  The Motto by Hilton located in Chelsea, New York is a Christmas dream. A couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building, there truly isn’t any better

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Gen Z guest in hotel room, sitting on bed with open luggage

How to Attract Gen Z Hotel Guests

WorldVue partners with boutique hotels to bring in-room entertainment and upgraded infrastructure for Gen Z hotel guests. WorldVue Digital Infrastructure provides the necessary bandwidth to accommodate today’s travelers. Partnering with The Boutique Lifestyle Leadership Association allows us to support creative hoteliers as they provide unique and exciting experiences for guests of all ages. Today’s hotel guests are overwhelmingly either Millennials or Gen Z’ers. Attracting the next generation of guests is a common question for all

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staff speaking with senior living resident

3 Key Technology Upgrades to Support Senior Living Staff

By 2040, the U.S. will be home to over 80 million adults ages 65 or older (NCAL, 2021). This projection is significantly higher than anything we’ve seen before, nearly doubling the 54 million we saw in 2019. As the nation’s elderly population grows, so does its demand for senior living staff and community support. Unfortunately, however, the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living found reported that 59 percent of senior living facilities have

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example of CarrierWave Creative digital signage

CarrierWave Creative – The Hotel Digital Design Agency by WCI

WorldVue’s in-house hotel digital design agency, CarrierWave Creative, offers a complete design strategy to boutique and independent hotels across North America. Defining Your Brand Identity Branding is what defines each hotel’s unique space in the market. Lifestyle hotels, wellness retreats, and beachfront villas are very different properties, with different target audiences. Designing and sharing your brand’s unique message is essential to set your property apart and establish your unique spot in the hotel world. This

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