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2024 technology trends- digital infrastructure is the bottom line

2024 Technology Trends for Hospitality and Residential Properties – Part 1

As we close out 2023, many property owners and managers are considering technology investments for 2024. But what are the key 2024 technology trends for hospitality and residential properties? What investments will be most beneficial to improve the guest/resident experience? And how will technology help to solve business challenges in the hospitality and residential markets? To answer these questions, our two-part series offers helpful advice based on our expertise and data from 2023. In Part

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examples showing different content such as entertainment, apps, and games on various BYOD devices including laptop, tablet, and phone, with icons above them representing things you can do with BYOD (communication, entertainment, payments, and more)

What is BYOD, and how can hotels accommodate it?

For a hotel to be successful, it must provide a consistently great guest experience. That includes providing the amenities and options that guests prefer, including modern technology. One aspect of this that’s increasingly getting attention in hotel environments is BYOD. But what exactly is BYOD, and why do guests want it? Moreover, how can hotels best accommodate it in a way that promotes a better guest experience? What is BYOD? BYOD stands for “Bring Your

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IHG Studio interface

IHG Connect and IHG Studio: Improving Your Guest Experience

In the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, the guest experience is paramount: If your guests aren’t happy, they won’t return, and your reputation and performance will suffer. A superior guest experience will yield a competitive advantage that can help you gain loyal guests and increase revenue. Technology can play a pivotal role in enhancing your guest experience, for example, through connectivity, entertainment, and personalization. For IHG Hotels properties, the combination of IHG Connect and IHG Studio

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WorldVue and ServiceNow: Transforming the Customer Experience

In hospitality and residential markets, properties must simplify management and reduce costs to remain competitive. However, to avoid losing revenue, these actions must not come at the expense of the customer experience. Providing a great experience is crucial to maintaining high ratings and customer loyalty, which significantly impact your bottom line. Of course, it’s always desirable to offer a totally frictionless and problem-free experience. But in the real world, problems arise, and customers sometimes encounter

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happy guests is using wifi with laptop and mobile phone in hotel room

Guest and Resident WiFi: Answers to Common Questions from Property Owners

Free WiFi has become a baseline expectation for hotels, multifamily communities, student housing, and senior living facilities. Nearly 100% of travelers now cite WiFi as a crucial offering for hotels. It’s also increasingly cited by residents as a must-have. But it’s not enough to offer free WiFi; it needs to meet or even exceed your guests’ and residents’ expectations. If your network is slow, unreliable, and hard to use, your guests and residents will be

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Are You Ready for 6 GHz WiFi?

WiFi Technology Is Changing – Meet 6 GHz WiFi Modern life is becoming increasingly reliant on secure, reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity, and WiFi solutions are evolving to keep up. In 2020, the FCC opened up some of the 6 GHz spectrum band for unlicensed use, intended primarily for WiFi, marking the most significant technology leap for WiFi since its invention. Both the WiFi 6E standard and the upcoming WiFi 7 standard will use 6 GHz

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students watching TV and eating pizza on a couch

7 Technology Trends to Transform Student Housing

Not Just the Same Old Dorm Both on- and off-campus, the nature of student housing is changing. Instead of bleak collections of impersonal rooms on endless hallways, dorms and student apartments are becoming more like mixed-use housing, either self-contained on campus or within larger communities. Students are looking for places where they can study, collaborate, relax, and engage, along with the amenities to support their daily activities. To remain competitive, universities and owners of student

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Introducing WorldVue

A New Name for Familiar Solutions and Service Who Is WorldVue? You might not recognize the name WorldVue, but you know us. World Cinema has been servicing the hospitality market since 1974 and currently serves over 7,000 properties and 900,000 rooms in North America. Hospitality WiFi, which has been serving hospitality customers since 2001, was acquired by World Cinema in June of 2022. Now, we are unifying as one company, WorldVue. By providing multiple solutions

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happy guests is using wifi with laptop and mobile phone in hotel room

What In-Room Technologies Should Hotels Focus On?

And which in-room technology you might want to skip… In-Room Technology: A Must-Have for a Great Guest Experience Modern hotels are incorporating technology at an ever-faster rate, enabling greater personalization, automation, efficiency, and sustainability. Guests are coming to expect some technologies as “must-haves,” while others will set your property apart from your competitors. In general, though, it’s not a matter of whether to spend on technology for a better guest experience, but which technologies will

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woman using digital concierge

How to Focus Your Hotel Technology Investments

Hotels Should Be Investing in Technology – But What Should They Focus On? The current state of hotel technology: How does your property measure up? In recent years, we’ve seen exciting developments in technology for hospitality properties, from updated standards that support better WiFi to solutions for greater automation, efficiency, and sustainability. Guests now expect some of these hotel technology offerings as “must haves”, while others have become differentiators that can make properties stand out

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rendition of a digital city with wireless symbol in the palm of a person's hand

Digital Infrastructure: The Foundation for Better Guest & Resident Experiences

What is digital infrastructure and why should it be a primary focus? Digital infrastructure is the foundation for connected operations, offering the means for the continuous transfer of large amounts of data to support solutions that use that data. It’s the backbone of the technology ecosystem, playing a vital role in almost every part of a property’s operations. Several types of digital infrastructure are commonly used in hospitality and residential properties: Some technologies that can

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example of digital signage by CarrierWave Creative

How CarrierWave Creative Brings Your Brand Design Ideas to Life

In an ever-evolving hospitality industry, it’s important for boutique and independent hotels to understand the significance of creating a memorable brand identity that sets the property apart and stands out in today’s world. This is where a creative agency can help play a crucial role in identifying key audiences and unique elements of the property to ultimately develop a brand that makes a statement and properly conveys its mission. Meet CarrierWave Creative Creating a distinctive

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